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Orphanage & Temple

Shree Sai Catering began as an initiative to make meals accessible to relatives of Temples & Orphanage. Today, we cater to hunger needs on a much wider spectrum. The core value Shree Sai Catering  the desire to serve or selfless giving remains the same.

Pay for a Meal

The easiest thing you can do is pay for a meal on Ours website. Once we raise the requisite number of meals to serve in a particular Orphanage & Temple sends us the packed meals, our volunteers will then distribute the prepared meals to the needy.

 Cook and Serve

Food is needed at the following locations for the needy. If you wish to serve at any of these locations, just Whattsapp your name to the coordinator of the Location and you will be added to the group, you will start receiving updates a day before the Seva. If you wish to start Seva at a new location in your city which could be an Orphanage & Temple Annadhanam night-shelter, a slum or a gathering of poor destitute people who need food.

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